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Spring 2020 – End of Semester

The end of another semester is here.  We’ve put together a guide to help wrap up the end of the semester with Canvas.  We hope you find it helpful.  If you have any questions, tips or discover issues with Canvas, please let us know at  You can find the “End of Semester Guide” at the TCNJ Canvas Online Resources page.

The most important item in the guide is in regard to your course concluding for students.  Many courses are set to enter a “Read Only” mode for students at the end of the day on May 8, 2020.  If you are planning on using Canvas to facilitate finals, message students or you wish to continue to collect work from your students, you will need to change your course ending date. through the course settings.  Make sure you leave the  “Students can only participate …” option checked.

With all courses being taught remotely, we’d like to share best practices in online exams and assessments.  This resource will help you prepare your finals.

We would also greatly appreciate if you could take some time and provide feedback on your Canvas experience this semester.

Students will also have an opportunity to provide feedback on their Canvas experience through a link that will be available in a Canvas announcement.  It can also be found at the TCNJ Canvas Online Resources page.

Please note that students that are graduating, withdrawing from the college or otherwise have their accounts switch to a non active status at the end of the semester will lose access to Canvas once their TCNJ account status is updated in the directory.  We often receive questions from students regarding this loss of access and wanted to increase awareness of the change in access.  This will not impact your courses.

To better assist you, we have live support available during our business hours and can be reached via chat on any of the web pages at

We hope you had a positive experience using Canvas this semester. Please email if you or your department would like customized instruction on making the most of Canvas for the Fall term.


Ryan Gladysiewicz, Associate Director

Office of Instructional Design

The College of New Jersey