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24th Annual Instructional Design Conference

We are thrilled to again partner with TCNJ Faculty Senate to bring together faculty, librarians, technology professionals, and staff for this year’s instructional design conference exploring Opportunities and Challenges: Decoding AI in Higher Education. Our robust half-day adventure emphasizes TCNJ’s continued dedication to being at the forefront of innovative higher education practices. New this year: we will set the stage with an interactive session framing the conference proceedings. Members of the AI Task Force will then engage in dialogue in a panel discussion. Finally, participants will have three options to select from for the last session.   Refer to the conference schedule below for details.

Join Us on Wednesday, May 15, 2024

9:00 am to 12:30 pm in the Library Auditorium

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TCNJ aims to offer inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including those with disabilities, to engage fully. If you require reasonable accommodations based on disability, please get in touch with two weeks ahead of the event.


Schedule of Events


05/15 8:30 am

Breakfast and Registration
CETL Staff

Get the juices firing with a delicious continental breakfast. Pick up your name tag and enter the raffle, too.

05/15 9:00 am

Navigating AI: Framing the Conversation in Higher Education
Ellen Farr and Judi Cook, CETL

In this interactive thought-provoking session, we’ll grapple with the nuances of ethical use of AI in higher education. We will attempt to answer the question: Where is the line drawn between appropriate and inappropriate uses of AI at TCNJ? Through engaging discussions, we’ll explore various scenarios faculty and staff may face when incorporating AI into their teaching practices and work. By considering real-world examples and reflecting on our own ethical frameworks, we aim to frame the conference proceedings as we strive to consider the responsibilities inherent in AI use in higher education.

05/15 10:00 am

Bridging Perspectives: Panel Discussion with AI Task Force Members
Ben Akuma, Information Technology; Judi Cook, CETL; Ellen Farr, CETL; John Oliver, Library; Jennifer Palmgren, Academic Affairs; Kim Pearson, Journalism and Professional Writing; Nina Ringer, Writing Program; Andrea Salgian, Computer Science

Join us for a panel discussion with members of the TCNJ AI Task Force. This session offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the diverse experiences and expertise of our task force members as they share their perspectives on the integration of AI as reported by our campus community. From exploring challenges and successes to discussing future directions, this panel aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among faculty and staff interested in AI. Don’t miss this chance to engage with the task force to ask questions and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding AI on our campus.

05/15 11:05 am

Exploring AI's Footprint: Societal Dynamics and Interdisciplinary Applications
Andrea Salgian, Computer Science; Kim Pearson, Journalism and Professional Writing; Ellen Farr, CETL

Join us for an enlightening session designed to broaden your understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its influence on our daily lives. This workshop will delve into the multifaceted dimensions of AI, going beyond Large Language Models (e.g., ChatGPT). Discover how AI permeates cross-disciplinary spaces, extending beyond tech-centric fields, and learn why it’s essential for both faculty, staff, and students to grapple with its societal implications. Through rich conversation, we’ll explore how AI shapes various aspects of society and education, illuminating its relevance in classrooms across disciplines.

05/15 11:05 am

Incorporating Generative AI in the Classroom
Yifeng Hu, Communications Studies; Bryce Maher, freshman, Arts and Communication, Honors Program

This session delves into the fascinating intersection of pedagogy and generative AI in communication teaching and learning. Explore an innovative assignment designed to foster critical thinking through engaging students with AI technology. Through this assignment, students were tasked with conversing with generative AI, analyzing images generated by AI for stereotypes, and reflecting on their practices. Join us to discuss what students learned, best practices, and how educators can work to increase students’ critical AI literacy.

05/15 11:05 am

To AI or Not to AI: Exploring the Capabilities and Limitations
Celia Liu, Academic Director of Chinese Studies and Dylan Moreno, graduating senior, World Languages & Linguistics

During our presentation, we will first explore innovative AI-assisted learning applications. Through real-life examples from different countries, we will illustrate how these AI-assisted learning apps effectively support fundamental learning and teaching applications and delve into instances where AI falls short in accurately explaining certain cultural nuances. We will then extend the discussion to other disciplines, illustrating the importance of real “human” teaching and considering advantageous factors of optimizing AI as a tool. Some thought-provoking questions and statistical data will serve as the guide for exploring the uncharted future and the boundless potential of the AI-Revolution era. Join us on this journey as we explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence and envision the possibilities of future education.

05/15 12:05 pm

A Word from Faculty Senate
Abby O'Connor, President

Abby O’Connor will share remarks as Faculty Senate President and will introduce Joseph Baker, this year’s Barbara Meyers Pelson Chair in Faculty-Student Engagement. Joe will then introduce his project and request some initial thoughts from faculty about how they are approaching data literacy, computation, and AI in their work currently.

The session will conclude with the annual raffle of prizes. Be sure to stick around to see if you are a winner!