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Zoom is the web conferencing tool of choice.  Faculty, staff and students will be provisioned with a licensed version of Zoom once they activate their Zoom account by logging in at  In addition to having Canvas integration, it can also be used outside of Canvas. To use Zoom as a host, you will need to first activate your Zoom account.

First Activate your Zoom license.

All Zoom users should log in at to activate their account with TCNJ’s Single Sign On.  Once activated, you will be able to use Zoom in your Canvas course.  See Enabling Zoom in Canvas for details.

Enabling Zoom in Canvas.

The Zoom integration needs to be turned on in the course it will be used in.  To do so, log into Canvas and navigate to the course settings in your specific course.  Click on the Navigation tab and look for Zoom under the Disabled menu items. Click the three dots and choose +Enable.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom to Save your changes. You will now see Zoom in your Course Menu. Clicking on this item will allow you to schedule a Zoom meeting for your course.  Make sure to review all of your Zoom meeting options when creating your meeting.

How do I use Zoom?

Zoom is very similar to other web conferencing tools.  Make sure you’ve activated your Zoom License (above), once you have, check out the links below to get started using Zoom.  We recommend sharing the Attendee Controls and Zoom Test Meeting links with your students.

Install Zoom App

How to share your screen

Host controls in a meeting

Attendee controls in a meeting

Zoom Test Meeting – Join this meeting to check out the user interface.

Live Training Events

Security Precautions While Using Zoom (preventing Zoom-bombing)

Preventing Zoom-bombing resources

Recommended Zoom settings to prevent disruptions

Technical Requirements for using Zoom.

For detailed technical requirements, see the Zoom System Requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux on the Zoom web site. Their page includes lists of vendor-suggested cameras, microphones, speakers, and other peripherals.

Zoom Support

For help using Zoom please contact the vendor directly. Their toll-free number is 888-799-9666 ext 2.

Link to Zoom Technical Support Contact info (including live chat and submitting a ticket)

Link to Zoom Help Center (

Zoom Test Meeting – Join this meeting to make sure your computer is able to use Zoom