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NJVID Video Browser in Canvas

NJVid / Illumira is discontinued in Canvas.  Please use Kaltura to upload your media content.  If you need assistance moving content from NJVid to Kaltura, please let us know at


Support Links:

NJVid/Illumira: Downloading your Canvas videos

Adding videos to pages and assignments using the Rich Content Tool

Uploading media through the NJVID Video Browser Tool

Managing content through NJVID Video Browser Tool

Enabling student uploads using the NJVID Video Browser Tool

Using Course Copy with the NJVID Video Browser Tool in Canvas

Additional features through the NJVID portal (Not through Canvas)

ITS Guidelines, Procedures and information for NJVID Video Browser Tool in Canvas:

ITS will only be supporting NJVID use through the Canvas interface.  The NJVID Video Browser is configured to upload videos to the collection, Canvas Uploads, by default.  If a user has access to other collections, you may choose to upload to one of those collections instead, however ITS will not be able to provide support for those collections.

Instructors have the option to allow their students to upload videos through the NJVID Video Browser.  Student videos uploaded this way have ownership transferred to the instructor of the course.

Video Deletion – NJVID through Canvas is not intended to be a permanent storage location for videos.  At the end of each semester, ITS will generate a report and contact instructors that have videos hosted in the Canvas Uploads collection.  Instructors will need to reply back with a list of videos they wish to keep in the collection.  All others will be deleted.  This is a necessary process to keep storage costs down and the collection organized.

Instructors and students should maintain their own copy of the source video.  NJVID does not support downloading of the hosted videos.

Please keep Copy Right and Fair Use in mind.