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Kaltura Video Quizzes Known Issue

Kaltura interactive video quizzes (IVQs) which are configured as a Canvas assignment sometimes do not send a grade to the Canvas gradebook.


This affects:

  1. Students who pause a video quiz and come back to it after more than an hour. The video quiz results will not be passed to the Canvas gradebook because Kaltura saves the submission cookie only for 1 hour.
  2. Students who enter the video quiz assignment in Canvas before the “Available Until” date and time but finish it after the assignment has closed.


This issue is present as of 7/29/19. Kaltura is investigating.


Instructors should create video quizzes with a maximum length of 5-10 minutes and instruct students to finish them within an hour and before the assignment closes. If a student takes a video quiz, pauses it and comes back after more than an hour and the quiz result is not submitted to the Canvas gradebook, the instructor can:

  1. Login to Canvas and go to Account > My Media.
  2. Search for or navigate to the video quiz in question
  3. Click on Actions → Analyitics and look at the quiz’s analytics. If the student took the quiz their score will be in the Quiz Users analytics tab and can then be manually entered in the Canvas gradebook.

A second method would be to use regular Canvas quizzes. Build the questions as usual, and link the Kaltura video into the quiz instructions. The questions will not be embedded in the video with this method, but there will not be an issue with the scores not populating to the gradebook.