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Kaltura Media Platform on Canvas

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a video streaming service that integrates with Canvas that allows you to create, store, organize and share media with your classes.  This can all be done without the use of 3rd party video editing software.  More information on the pilot.

Kaltura Components

My Media – My Media is your personal media space.  It is only available to you.  You upload media to My Media before publishing to the Media Gallery or embedding it in Canvas pages.
Media Gallery – Media Gallery is a dedicated space available to all participants in a specific course.  After uploading media to My Media, you can publish the media in Media Gallery.
Video Quiz – Create multiple choice questions along the timeline of an uploaded video.  Grades can be connected to the Canvas grade book.

Who can use Kaltura

Kaltura is available to instructors and students that are using Canvas.  Kaltura is only accessible through Canvas and is only for course-related materials at this time.

Enable Kaltura for your Course

By default, Kaltura is disabled for a course.  To enable Kaltura, click on your Course Settings and choose the Navigation Tab.  You will see My Media and Media Gallery in the Disabled list.  Click the Gear icon next to their entries and select Enable.  Make sure to Save your changes at the bottom of the page.  You should now see My Media and Media Gallery listed in the Course Navigation menu.

Uploading Media to My Media

Log into your Canvas course with My Media enabled and click the My Media link.
Click the Add New button and choose the desired action.

How to upload media 


  • File Upload – Upload video, audio or images from your computer.
  • Personal Capture  – Record/Import new content from your screen, microphone and/or webcam.
  • YouTube – Link to a public YouTube video
  • Video Quiz – Create a quiz within a video already in your My Media space.

When creating a new media object in Kaltura, you will be required to add meta data to the object, such as a title, a description and tags.  When adding this information, think about how you and your students will locate the content.  Create descriptive titles and use relevant tags to make the media easy to find.

More information is here.


Captions can be requested under the ACTIONS menu.

Publishing Media in a Course

Click on Media Gallery and then the Media tab.  Click the +Add Media button.  This will display a list of videos available in your My Media.  Check off the boxes next to the videos you would like to publish to this course’s Media Gallery.  Click the Publish button to save your selection.  You can also Add New media that hasn’t been uploaded yet.

To remove a video from a course’s Media Gallery, click the Media tab choose the Detailed View. Now click the circle with x icon next to the video to remove it.  You can also remove videos from the other views with a few additional clicks.  In Grid View, hover over the video and click the … that appears.  Now click the circle with the x.  In Collapsed View, expand the video and click the circle with the x.

Creating a Video Submission Assignment

Creating a Video Quiz

How to share Kaltura videos

Browser & Mobile Device Compatibility

Kaltura works on most web browsers and devices.  For more information, please see the compatibility matrix.  If you find you are having trouble running the Kaltura Media Player, please check your browser version and settings or try another web browser.

Getting Help

Instructors can contact the Office of Instructional design for pedagogical and technical assistance with Kaltura by emailing

Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide