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Submitting video to a Canvas Video Assignment

Quick Guide

  1. Go to the Assignment
  2. Click Submit Assignment
  3. In the Text Entry window, Click the External Tools button, the blue “V”
  4. Select “Embed Kaltura Media”
  5. You should now see the Kaltura Embed Media Window
  6. Click the Actions button in the upper right
    1. If you have media to upload, select Media Upload
    2. If you need to record, you can select CaptureSpace
  7. Once you have media in your My Media, you can select it
  8. You may embed your media as Large, Medium, or Small.   Unless specified by your professor, this is up to you.
  9. Add any additional comments to your instructor in the Comments box
  10. Click Submit Assignment

Here’s a short screencast of how to submit a video from Kaltura My Media to a Canvas video assignment: