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Canvas Workshops and Training

Members of the Office of Instructional Design team can provide one-on-one Canvas training for TCNJ faculty members. Customized group training for academic departments is also available. We’ve listed a few of our workshop topics below.  Email Judi Cook to find out more.

Previous Workshop Topics

Canvas Demo

What is Canvas? This workshop is designed for anyone who wants an overview of the tools, features and options available through Canvas, our Learning Management System. Come see inside a demo course and imagine the ways Canvas can assist you in collaborating, communicating, and connecting with your students.
Canvas for the Absolute Beginner

If you are new to Canvas and ready to set up your first course, this workshop is for you. Participants will gain first hand experience using the basic tools for setting up a course, including creating assignments, editing pages, grading with speed grader, building quizzes, and communicating with students.

Organizing With Modules in Canvas

Learn how to create modules to organize your course content and allow you control over the flow of your course. Modules also can be used to create pre-requisite activities students must complete in order to move forward from one content area to the next. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build modules that work best for your organizational style, with course content arranged by unit, day, week, topic or outcome.

Creating and Grading Assignments in Canvas

Are you taking advantage of all of the advanced features in Canvas for grading and delivering feedback to your students? This workshop covers Speed Grader using Crocodoc, rubrics, video and audio. We’ll also explore strategies for taking attendance with Roll Call.

Learning Mastery in Canvas


Discover how learning objectives can be embedded in rubrics and aligned with assignments using the Learning Mastery feature, a new Canvas tool for assessment.

Snow Day Blues

What options are available for keeping your class on schedule when there is a Snow Day? Canvas offers a number of solutions for making sure you don’t fall behind. Join the Office of Instructional Design for a look at the following Snow Day solutions:

Canvas Conferences. Canvas Conferences allows you to conduct real-time, online lectures directly in Canvas. It’s a good choice when you and your students can be online at the same time. Broadcast audio and video, answer questions, demo applications on your desktop, share presentation slides, or share online resources. Learn how to manage this tool effectively for group conferencing.

 Narrated PowerPoints. When you can’t be online at the same time as your students, Canvas can be used to deliver a PowerPoint presentation with audio lecture. We’ll cover the technical requirements for this tool as well as pedagogical considerations.